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Geotechnical Introduction

Permanent solutions for a broad range of geotechnical needs

Geo-Cell Solutions makes the task of adding long lasting load reduction quick and easy with Geofoam´┐Ż Low-Density Cellular Concrete -- an effective combination of Geofoam, our advanced foaming agent, and cement slurry.

In order to meet the high demand for a Geotechnical Product, encouraged for use by government and city officials worldwide, Geofoam is a cellular concrete that was designed to provide low density solutions for Geotechnical Construction.

It's uses range from:

  • Backfill (annular grouting) for tunnels, water lines and sewers
  • Soil stabilization to reduce subsistence of roadways, bridge ramps, buildings and other structures
  • Filling pipelines, abandonment mines, underground tanks, silos and more

The Geofoam product has multiple uses and benefits. Geofoam provides insulation value, is a long lasting and stable product, fills all voids and absorbs shock waves.

Geo-Cell Solutions, Inc. focuses on providing solutions to challenging problems, offering technical application support, and formulating the use of cellular concrete to your specific project.

For more information about our geotechnical solutions, please contact:

Doug Farmer
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