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Pervious Load Case Study

New York Mets Stadium

The City of New York

Installed 17,500 cubic yards of Geofoam SP™

During the early phase of construction on the New Mets Stadium Project, we were able to solve a potential weight problem due to the weak native soil in the New York area. The design of the NEW New York Mets Stadium called for the playing field to be raised five to six feet above the old parking lot that would be home to the new stadium.

The original design plan for reducing the load on the soil was to use lightweight aggregate as fill (with a density of around 55 PCF post compaction). Once the owners learned of the half million dollar cost savings that would be realized by using Geo-Cell Solutions, Inc. high capacity dry mix equipment to fill the area with our pervious material, Geofoam SP™ (with an average compressive strength of 80 PSI, and a dry density of 29 PCF), the decision was easily made.

We were able to provide Geofoam pervious material to achieve the same free draining characteristics as lightweight aggregate with significant cost savings, and an enormous time savings for the City of New York.

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