Annular Space Grouting

Prolonged pipe replacement projects can cause major disruptions and economic impacts when pipeline installation is to dig an open trench, place the pipeline and then bury it. An alternative is trench less or "no-dig" technology that has been used extensively worldwide. Pipe sliplined techniques provide for the reconstruction of existing pipelines. Geofoam™ cellular concrete annular space grouting is the process by which grout is pumped between the carrier pipe and host pipe (carrier pipe is a smaller pipe inserted inside of the host pipe) while still buried underground.

Advantages of Annular Space Grouting with Geofoam Cellular Concrete are:

  • Forms a cushion that stabilizes the carrier pipe
  • Insulates the carrier pipe from corrosion
  • Flowable and permits pumping at low pressures
  • Economical
  • A time sensitive application
  • Clean and safe
  • A one lift system and eliminates floating of the slip lined pipe
  • Results in making a pipeline good as new