Filling Abandonments

Geofoam™ can be a cost effective way of filling abandoned pipelines. When a structure or pipeline underground is abandoned, Geofoam is the solution. Filling the abandonment with cellular concrete eliminates the risk of subsidence, leaks, deterioration and other environmental disasters.

  • Geofoam cellular concrete is an inorganic insoluble material that is cohesive and dimensionally stable during and after placement.
  • Geofoam is a low density, non bleeding cellular concrete. The properties of which can be varied to suite the range of conditions and project specific economical requreiments of filling an abandoned pipeline.
  • Geofoam's compressive strength can be varied from 50 to 1500 psi by simply selecting the density at which it is pumped into place.
  • Geofoam can be designed with each project's unique applications to solve excavation and compaction concerns.