Specialty Void Fill Case Study

Cape Creek Tunnel Project

Oregon Department of Transportation

Installed over 3,000 cubic yards

The extraordinary 700 foot long Cape Creek Tunnel, built in the early 1900's, was located in one of the most exquisite stretches of ocean front highway. Behind the liner of the tunnel, the Oregon Department of Transportation found numerous large voids as well as damage to the top of the tunnel from large falling rocks. This situation posed a huge safety risk due to the threat of the tunnel collapsing.

In this project, the tunnel needed to be relined and the voids behind the original lining needed to be filled to avoid further damage and to protect the concrete liners. To locate the voids, holes had to be drilled through the liners which were then used as grout placement ports.

This was a unique project, and required the use of Geo Cell Solutions, Inc. state of the art equipment so that we could adjust specific densities and strengths depending on the location and size of the void. For example, a greater strength and density was needed at the top of the liner to protect against falling boulders and/or rocks. We were able to pump our material over 2,000 feet from the set-up area located on the side of the road.

In addition, our residual material and wash-out water was hauled offsite each night to ensure environmental safety for the nearby ocean.