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High Volume Production Equipment

High Volume Production Equipment

High Volume Production Equipment is designed to batch cement, water and fine aggregate fillers (fly ash) to make slurry when and where we need it. This high volumetric batching system enables you to control the amount of slurry grout and flowable fill that is produced and to eliminate waste.

This equipment is capable of producing 120+ cubic yards per hour using a continuous batching method. Cement and fly ash are stored on-site in the multiple silos, which allow the powder to be transferred to weighed batch hoppers and then dropped into a mixing chamber where water is added. Pre-generated foam can be added to the neat cement slurry or added in line during the pumping process. The slurry mixture is then pumped throug a three inch grout hose.

This equipment has been used to complete the Mets and Yankee Stadium projects, and several highway projects in excess of 50,000 yards.

approved by FM and UL
Certified with the State of California as an approved Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise