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Lite Crete Plus Insulating Concrete

The Lite-Crete Plus Product combines Portland cement and air to make a lightweight, durable, easy to install roof fill system that is insulating, versatile, and long lasting, with excellent resistance to moisture and heat. Lite-Crete offers many unique advantages that make it superior to ordinary rigid board roof insulation.

Like the Perlite Roofing System, another product that Geo-Cell Solutions installs, Lite-Crete provides a cost-effective, slope-to-drain design with high R-values over flat and often irregular substrates that are commonly found in re-roofing systems. Lite-Crete is also fire resistant for use in roof assemblies, with fire resistance ratings as high as three hours. Lite-Crete is approved by the International Conference of Building Officials and Underwriter's Laboratories for our fire retardant system.

Thermal insulation is another advantage of Lite-Crete Plus. Lite-Crete can reach R-values as high as 1.11 per inch, and can be used with insulation board to reach higher values.

Formulated to reach different compressive strengths to resist damage, different R-values, and different thicknesses, the Lite-Crete Plus Roof Fill system is always more economical, longer lasting, and without a doubt a more practical solution to your roofing and re-roofing needs.

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