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Lightweight Cellular Concrete

Low Density Cellular Concrete is defined as concrete made with hydraulic cement, water and preformed foam to form a hardened material having an oven-dry density of 50 pcf or less. To make cellular concrete, we basically replace the aggregate with a structured three dimensional system of air bubbles or Pre-formed Foam. For higher compressive strength and higher density material, sand is included in the mix design.

Lite-Crete Brand Cellular Concrete uses two basic components: sand and Portland cement for lasting strength and durability on plywood floors to create an insulating concrete that is both fire retardant and non-combustible. Light Weight Insulating Concrete is typically poured at 1 1/2 inches thick to create a level, hard surface that assures an excellent base for any floor covering: carpet, vinyl, asphalt, tile, linoleum, or parquet floor. The Lite-Crete product effectively reduces normal and impact sound transmissions ensuring premium performance at a minimum cost. Cellular Concrete can be poured to achieve a compressive strength of 1200-2000 p.s.i.

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