Gypsum Floor Underlayment

Geo-Cell Solutions provides three different Gypsum Underlayments to meet the needs of the builder: Rapid Floor, Rapid Floor Plus and Rapid Floor Ultra. Rapid Floor products are designed to create a flame barrier that impedes the spread of flame and smoke and can meet specified sound ratings.

Rapid Floor has a compressive strength range of 1200-1500 p.s.i. and is an ideal application as an alternate to double wood floor construction on new and multi-family residential projects.

Rapid Floor Plus is ideal for multi-family, light commercial buildings and renovation projects for a tougher more durable surface. Rapid Floor Plus compressive strength is formulated to range from 1650-2500 p.s.i.

Rapid Floor Ultra is the strongest, most enduring Rapid Floor product. With compressive strength values capable of reaching up to 4000 p.s.i., Rapid Floor Ultra is the product for resurfacing old or damaged concrete floors, providing fire and sound control, resisting water absorption on all your commercial and renovation projects.

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