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C-5 License #0040885

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License # 938053

Geotechnical Applications

Infrastructure in the United States is aging and deteriorating. Geofoam™ cellular concrete that is efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Annular Space Grouting
Filling Abandonments
Tunnel Backfill
Flowable Fills
MSE Walls / Approach Backfill / Bridge Abutment

Geofoam cellular concrete is the light weight material that solves many heavy duty construction problems.

Benefits of Geofoam Cellular Concrete

  • Low Density, High Strength
  • Self Leveling
  • Self Compacting
  • Generally lower in cost than alternative load-reducing methods
  • Light weight
  • Rapid Placement
  • Easy and Quick form work
  • Easily placed by pump
  • Durable and non corrosive
  • Permanent and stable
  • Easy to remove
  • High slump ( virtually self leveling)
  • Absorbs shock waves
  • High freeze-thaw resistance
  • Inert
  • Insulating values
  • Project specific designs

approved by FM and UL
Certified with the State of California as an approved Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise