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FAQs Placement

How far can cellular concrete be pumped?
Cellular concrete is a very easily pumped, highly fluid mixture. The majority of cellular concrete is placed by pumping. Cellular concrete typically will move through the pump lines using less pressure than typical heavier grout mixes. Cellular concrete can be pumped up to and exceeding 700 ft. vertically, and 10,000 feet horizontally.

What is the depth of the lifts?
In most cases, depending on the density, lifts range from 2 feet to 4 feet and in some cases 6 feet to 7 feet.

How is cellular concrete placed?
The pre-formed foam is added to the cement slurry and mixed in the concrete mixer or in a continuous process. From that point, cellular concrete is placed in any way that a fluid mix can be transported. Pumping is the most common method of placement. Mearlcrete® and Geofoam™ mixes have been successfully pumped up to 700 ft. vertically, and 10,000 ft. horizontally without breakdown or segregation problems.

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