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FAQs Density/Strength

Does cellular concrete have different densities and strengths?
Cellular concrete exhibits a much lighter density than most regular concrete. Typical plain concrete has a density of approximately 140 lb. per cubic foot while cellular concrete densities range from 20 to 120 lb. per cubic foot. Cellular concrete is an insulator and can be used in applications which require an insulating material that also exhibits some integrity and strength. At its lightest density, cellular concrete is still more stable and stronger than well compacted soil. When replacing soils, cellular concrete can be designed to provide whatever strengths and characteristics are needed for the project. Cellular concrete can be specified to easily exceed whatever compacted soil requirements are needed. For more information, view Geofoam SP and Geofoam SNP.

How fast does cellular concrete set up?
Geofoam low density cellular concrete can be installed at a rate of more than 100 cubic yards/hour and typically sets up in the same time as normal concrete.

How do I test cellular concrete to determine it is performing to specifications?
Properties commonly tested using ASTM C495 are density and compressive strength. The test procedures for cellular concrete are too numerous to be listed here, however, your Geo-Cell Solutions representatives can assist you by providing descriptions of common tests.

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