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FAQs Applications

What construction challenges are appropriate to meet with Geo Foam cellular concrete?
Geotechnical Applications:
Tunnel Backfill and Annular Fill
Replacement for Unstable Soils
Load Reducing Engineered Fill over Underground Structures
Fill for Abandoned tanks, mines and pipelines
Bridge Approach Fills
Land slip repair fills
Shock Energy Absorption

What applications can permeable Geofoam SP are best suited?
Geofoam SP produces an engineered, permeable, open-cell lightweight concrete, able to stabilize soil without disturbing or redirecting natural water flow. Geofoam SP pervious cellular concrete provides proven geotechnical solutions for:

Sports Fields
Golf Courses
Void fills
Parking lots
Roads and runways
Pipe and conduit bedding
Retaining wall backfill

What is the drain rate of Geofoam SP?
The drain rate of Geofoam SP is tested at 230 feet per hour; this permeable, open-celled low density cellular concrete is able to stabilize soil without disturbing or redirecting natural water flow.

What are the options for reducing the load on the underlying soils?
Geo Foam SP was successfully installed at Citi Field (home of NY Mets) to solve the problem and saved the Owners more than $500,000 and contraction of the project's construction schedule. Geofoam SP pervious cellular concrete was designed to achieve an average density of 29 pounds per cubic foot and average strength of 80 psi, while lightweight aggregate fill, would yield a density of about 55 pounds per cubic foot after compaction.

Environmental Advantages
Geofoam SP pervious cellular concrete is environmentally safe, has no flash point and supports sustainable development.

What about Leed Credits?
Using Geofoam SP pervious cellular concrete can help increase the number of points awarded to a building in the LEED system. By allowing water to soak through and infiltrate, Geofoam SP pervious cellular concrete helps reduce storm water flow and site pollutant loads, which may contribute to LEED Credit SS6.

approved by FM and UL
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